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Your burning questions about the Hightail hair accessory, answered.

How does Hightail attach?

The design’s two streamlined mounting clips attach to the helmet using 3M VHB adhesive. The frame then slides into the clips and can be easily removed. For more information, watch the ‘how to install your Hightail’ video.

Will it fit my helmet?

Hightail fits most motorcycle helmets and most half-shells, but there are some exceptions. Some helmets have ridges or ledges that prevent the clips from lying flat and properly adhering. If you’re not sure or have questions about your helmet type, send us an email at with your helmet make and model before you order – we’d hate for you to be disappointed.

Will my hair fit?

We have been amazed by the length and volume of hair that’s been able to fit in Hightail’s stretchy spandex pocket. Really thick hair, mega-curly hair and even crazy-long hair (we’re talking butt-length locks) have all comfortably fit into a Hightail. In fact, if you purchase a Hightail and your hair doesn’t fit, we’ll refund you – just send a photo that shows the issue.

What if I have more than one helmet?

No problem. The frame is easily removed so you only need to purchase one Hightail, then simply purchase additional helmet mounting clips for other helmets. You’ll need a pair of mounting clips per helmet.

Can I wash it?

Yes. Hightail can easily be taken off your helmet and hand washed. We recommend using a very small amount of detergent, washing it in cold water, thoroughly rinsing and air drying.

The adhesive clips came off my helmet. What should I do?

If you’ve purchased your Hightail within six months and can provide us with proof of purchase, we’ll send you replacement mounting clips with new adhesive. Please be prepared to answer questions and about whether you cleaned your helmet beforehand and how you installed it.  We will also ask for photos of your helmet installation so we can help troubleshoot the issue. 

If you’re out of the six-month warranty period, we recommend purchasing new mounting clips and watching the ‘how to remove the adhesive’ video followed by the ‘how to install your Hightail’ video prior to reinstalling your new clips.

Will it change the fit of my helmet?

No, not at all – and this is a really cool, key feature of the Hightail. The hair sits in the hair pocket, a space created outside of the helmet.

Is it only for motorcycle helmets?

Hightail has heaps of potential, and we’re looking at some really cool alternative situations where it might work, including regular bicycle helmets, ski and snowboarding helmets, skateboarding helmets and equestrian helmets. We’ve even been asked if it could work on skydiving helmets! Before you order for any other helmet, please message us on the live chat so that we can help establish if it’ll work for you.

Is it just for women?

Our co-founder Jen created it for frustrated women riders like her, but any rider with long hair can benefit from the Hightail. We’ve had great feedback from guys, and the classic black-and-white styling makes it really versatile for his and hers use.




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